دانلود رایگان مقاله انگلیسی روانشناسی 2017
دانلود رایگان مقاله انگلیسی روانشناسی 2017

Do instrumental goal pursuit mediate feelings of envy on Facebook and Happiness or subjective well-being?

Influence of valproate on language functions in children with epilepsy

A review of technology acceptance and adoption models and theories

How social support influences university students’ academic achievement and emotional exhaustion: The mediating role of self-esteem

Therapeutic group therapy improved self-efficacy of school age children

دانلود رایگان مقاله انگلیسی روانشناسی 2017

Promoting mental health versus reducing mental illness in art therapy with patients with personality disorders: A quantitative study

Production planning with order acceptance and demand uncertainty

Examining latent classes of smartphone users: Relations with psychopathology and problematic smartphone use

The Positive Psychology Outcome Measure (PPOM) for people with dementia: Psychometric properties and factor structure

Age differences in outcomes among patients in the “Stimulant Abuser Groups to Engage in 12-Step” (STAGE-12) intervention

Anxiety disorders and childhood maltreatment as predictors of outcome in bipolar disorder

Conceptualizing and operationalizing the social entrepreneurship construct

Treatment of antisocial personality disorder: Development of a practice focused framework

Prevalence of mental disorders among depressed coronary patients with and without Type D personality. Results of the multi-center SPIRR-CAD trial

The influence of academic discipline on empathy and psychopathic personality traits in undergraduate students

Multiple Modalities for APA Instruction: Addressing Diverse Learning Styles

Teaching Pathophysiology Using a Card Set: An Active Learning Strategy

Looking beyond – socialization tactics: The role of human resource systems in the socialization process

Dark triad traits and romantic relationship attachment, accommodation, and control

A brief tale of the two faces of narcissism and the two facets of pride

Factors associated with happiness in the elderly persons living in the community

Physiologic Response to Gender-Affirming Hormones Among Transgender Youth

Personality, equity sensitivity, and discretionary workplace behavior

More or less guanxi: Trust is 60% network context, 10% individual difference

Effects of environmental strategy, environmental uncertainty and top management’s commitment on corporate environmental performance: The role of environmental management accounting

Investigating the mediating effect of Uber’s sexual harassment case on its brand: Does it matter?

Types of intelligence predict likelihood to get married and stay married: Large-scale empirical evidence for evolutionary theory

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Is Effective for the Treatment of Suicidal Behavior: A Meta-Analysis

The cultural foundations of happiness

Synthesizing building physics with social psychology: An interdisciplinary framework for context and occupant behavior in office buildings

Metacognitive monitoring of working memory performance and its relationship to academic achievement in Grade 4 children

Online self-help forums on cannabis: A content assessment

A randomized controlled trial of a smoking cessation self-help intervention for dual users of tobacco cigarettes and E-cigarettes: Intervention development and research design

Social Networks and Childhood. New Agents of Socialization

Knowledge of the Natural and Social Environment in ICT Consumer Children☆

The role of financial development in poverty reduction

Aversion to happiness and the experience of happiness: The moderating roles of personality

The Perceived Stress Reactivity Scale for adolescent athletes

The contribution of mindfulness to predicting burnout in the workplace

Do stress, health behavior, and sleep mediate the association between loneliness and adverse health conditions among older people?

دانلود رایگان مقاله انگلیسی روانشناسی 2017

Loneliness and depressive symptoms among older adults: The moderating role of subjective life expectancy

Validation of the Malayalam version of the Internalized Stigma of Mental Illness (ISMI) scale

Understanding overconfidence: Theories of intelligence, preferential attention, and distorted self-assessment ☆

Direct and interactive effects of narcissism and power on overconfidence

A population-based analysis of factors that predict early language and cognitive development

The appearance effect: Influences of virtual agent features on performance and motivation ☆

Role of motivation in the relation between perfectionism and academic burnout in Korean students

How feedback boosts motivation and play in a brain-training game

Testing a bi-factor model to disentangle general and specific factors of motivation in self-determination theory ☆☆☆

Why children differ in motivation to learn: Insights from over 13,000 twins from 6 countries

The effects of intrinsic and extrinsic sources of motivation on well-being depend on time of day: The moderating effects of workday accumulation

Achievement motivation and attributional style as mediators between perfectionism and subjective well-being in Chinese university students

Public speaking in front of an unreceptive audience increases implicit power motivation and its endocrine arousal signature

Evaluation of cognitive behaviour therapy for paediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder in the context of tic disorders

Student driven mental health promotion in an Australian university setting

Who chokes under pressure? The Big Five personality traits and decision-making under pressure

Metacognition in addictive behaviors

Verbal learning and memory and psychopathology in schizophrenia

Child maltreatment and adult psychopathology in an Irish context

Body dissatisfaction and disordered eating among Portuguese and Spanish adolescents: The role of individual characteristics and internalisation of sociocultural ideals

Dark Triad traits, infidelity and romantic revenge

Beliefs about poverty related to social categorization in childhood

Educational differences in disability-free life expectancy: a comparative study of long-standing activity limitation in eight European countries

Cross-cultural differences in the Parent Rated Social Responsiveness Scale (SRS)? Evaluation of the Finnish version among high-functioning school aged males with and without autism spectrum disorder

Life stress as potential risk factor for depression and burnout

Work stress and turnover intentions among hospital physicians: The mediating role of burnout and work satisfaction

Disability and quality of life among elderly persons with mental illness

Interpersonal Guilt and the Dark Triad ☆

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most masculine of them all? The Dark Triad, masculinity, and women’s mate choice

Cyberbullying, self-esteem, empathy and loneliness

The effect of overt and covert narcissism on self-esteem and self-efficacy beyond self-esteem

Self esteem, dependency, self-efficacy and self-criticism in social anxiety disorder

Change in disgust reactions following cognitive-behavioral therapy for childhood anxiety disorders

Big Five facets as predictor of job training performance: The role of specific job demands

How does self-injury feel? Examining automatic positive reinforcement in adolescent self-injurers with experience sampling

همکاران ما در واحد پشتیبانی آمادگی دارند تمامی درخواست های شما عزیزان را بررسی نموده و در اسرع وقت رسیدگی نمایند.

پس از خرید هر مقاله، یک کد رهگیری منحصر به فرد به شما تقدیم خواهد شد که با استفاده از آن می توانید وضعیت خرید خود را پیگیری فرمایید.

با ثبت کد رهگیری پرداخت، می توانید سفارش خود را پیگیری نموده و به محض اتمام ترجمه، فایل ترجمه مقاله خود را دانلود نمایید.

در صورتی که مقاله مورد نظر شما هنوز به فارسی ترجمه نشده است، واحد ترجمه این پایگاه آمادگی دارد با همکاری مترجمان با سابقه، مقاله مورد نظر شما را با هزینه مناسب و کیفیت مطلوب ترجمه نماید.

پایگاه دانشیاری تلاش دارد با ارائه محتوا و خدمات مورد نیاز جامعه علمی ایران، اهالی دانش و اندیشه این سرزمین را در راه پیشرفت و اعتلای ایران عزیز یاری نماید.

در صورتی که پیشنهادی برای همکاری با پایگاه دانشیاری دارید، با کمال میل آمادگی داریم پیشنهاد شما را از طریق فرم تماس دریافت نماییم.

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دانلود رایگان مقاله انگلیسی روانشناسی 2017







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مقاله مورد نظر خود را از ديتابيس هاي معتبر بيابيد و سپس براي دانلود رايگان مقاله، آدرس صفحه دانلود را در کادر مربوطه ثبت کنيد. چند لحظه بعد لينک دانلود شما آماده است!


نيازي نيست در ژورنال يا سايت ديگري عضو باشيد و يا براي دانلود مقالات وجهي بپردازيد. فقط عضويت در اين سايت براي دسترسي به اکثر مقالات معتبر و غير رايگان خارجي کافيست!

دانلود رایگان مقاله انگلیسی روانشناسی 2017
دانلود رایگان مقاله انگلیسی روانشناسی 2017

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